Hardware Wallets

Hardware Wallets

Keeping your cryptocurrencies safe is the number one priority.

The most secure way to do this is with offline, cold storage of your crypto assets such as a paper wallet. Even though this is the most secure it's not the most convenient.

So for active users, or even if you want to transact a few times a month, hardware wallets are a great way to achieve the two goals of high security and convenience.

Hardware wallets work by ensuring that the private keys are never extracted from the hardware device and are not directly accessible. The two hardware wallet manufacturers we recommend below also use deterministic private keys which enables reliable recovery onto new devices if your hardware device is lost or stolen.



The Ledge devices are built on the same principles as the Trezor below but are a newer, more stylish approach to hardware wallets. They two popular models are the Ledge Nano S and Ledger Blue.

USB powered they connect to your computer or phone and can be accessed by their provided Google Chrome plugins or Mobile apps such as Mycelium

They include a customised secure element chip that secures the private keys and further secure access and transactions via pin code. 

You can purchase Ledger devices in Australia via cryptowalletsaustralia.com

You can also purchase them via cexa.io


The Trezor is the first and still one of the most secure hardware wallets on the market. Even though it's a number of years old now it still garners rave reviews and they have continued to innovate by adding new crypto currency support as new features

One new feature is their Advanced recovery system that randomises the input of the initial seed words by utilising pin codes on randomised pin layout. This ensures any malware on the computer doing the recovery cannot be reliably copied.

You can purchase Trezor devices in Australia via cryptowalletsaustralia.com or direct via Trezor Australia